About Classic French Staub Cookware: assortment and features

Among the variety of cookware from domestic and foreign firms, Staub cookware has an amazing design. Manufacturers have perfected the process of manufacturing cast-iron pans, pots, sauté pans, roasters and duck pans. Presented a wide range of cocottes – the traditional French utensils for cooking first and second courses.

The French brand has been known to the world since 1974, when Francis Staub, a representative of the famous dynasty of kitchenware manufacturers, modernized the armory in Alsace. He was the first to produce the original cast-iron pots for a refined table setting and he perfected the composition of heat-resistant ceramics. Staub ceramic and cast-iron cookware is sold today all over the world. Cookware from Staub gives food a special taste. They are ideal for casseroles, baked goods and stews.

Each product is made according to a unique technology and has a number of advantages:

  • Most French cast iron products have a special lid with an uneven surface – bumps. The formed condensate drips into the cooked food, making it juicier and more fragrant;
  • The technological cycle consists of 100 operations – from the manufacture of the original mold to the application of enamel;
  • Resistant enamel is applied in several layers, the finishing layer is maintained about half an hour at a temperature of +800 ° C;
  • The enamel is distinguished by a variety of colors: green, cherry, orange, red, blue, brown;
  • When hand casting cast iron, the material retains its natural porosity;
  • The creators of Staub cocottes have expanded their field of application;
  • Staub models combine the achievements of gunsmiths and modern technology, distinguished by functionality, durability;
  • The special ceramic bottom extends the scope of the dishes;
  • Cast iron from Staub can be washed in machines using household chemicals.


The company manufactures products from two materials: ceramics and cast iron. Ceramics include refractory components, composite materials that can withstand heat up to +300 ° C. Products that are resistant to breakage, rarely form chips. Ceramic dishes are easy to wash by hand or in machines. The only thing that can damage resistant enamel, – a sharp change in temperature. After using it in the oven, it must be cooled gradually. Ceramics include refractory components, composites that can withstand heat up to +300 ° C.

Staub cast iron is durable: it is resistant to scratches and temperature shock. It has an amazing ability to accumulate heat. On the outside, the kitchen utensils are covered with a layer of enamel or ceramic.